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South Pork Ranch is located in Central Illinois just one mile south of the wee burg of Chatsworth. We are a small, family owned farm which belives that fresh air, sunshine, and rotating pasture is the healthiest way to raise livestock. In an average year, our animals are on pasture April through October.

The "girls" in our dairy are a fine group of both pure and cross-breds, each with their own name and personality. Our first priority is natural animal health, thus we do not use antibiotics or hormones when treating our herd unless the illness is life threatening. A testimony to the benefit of our practices is our first cow and farm hero Kiki, who lived to be 14. (The average confinement dairy cow lives just 3-5 years). Kiki produced several wonderful calves for us and TONS of milk.

Our Dairy, Beef and Pork operations are certified organic by MOSA (Midwest Organic Services Association) making us the only farm in Central Illinois who holds organic certification for all three products. In addition we raise bees and sell honey made from local flowers and plants. Our animals are kept on pasture the majority of the time being confined only when they are very young or the weather is very extreme. As required by our Organic Certification, hormones , antibiotics and GMO feeds are not used and our beef and dairy herd are 100% grass fed. In December 2009 we began raising the Critically Endangered Red Wattle Hog, recently upgraded to a "threatened" level (February 2014) according to The Livestock Conservancy.

Our products are sold direct to the consumer via email, Facebook and the old fashioned phone call. Meat by the piece along with products from several other farmers can be purchased from our on site farm store open Monday through Saturday 10 am to 6pm. We are closed on Sundays. Many folks have commented that our farm reminds them of the farms of their childhood, a variety of animals out on pasture being cared for humanely.

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